We welcome you to experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of Aikido for yourself.

Build Confidence In All Aspects Of Life

You’ll find that the perseverance, mental focus, and pride of commitment that come with regular Aikido practice can build your confidence and centeredness — on the training mat, in the office, and at home.

Fight, Flight, or Aikido

In both physical and emotional encounters, many believe there are only two options: confrontation (fight) or avoidance (flight). However, Aikido offers a third way. You’ll learn to blend with, deflect, redirect, and control potential confrontations. You’ll discover how to maintain focus and balance in all situations, and how to respond appropriately to tense times at work, at home, or on the street.

An Invigorating Session of Simplicity

Work responsibilities, financial concerns, family matters—our minds often race with everyday issues. An Aikido session gives you the opportunity to quiet the mental chatter by focusing on simple, yet challenging techniques, thereby releasing tension through energizing workouts.

Add Motivation to Your Training

Aikido can bring a new level of excitement, motivation, and purpose to your fitness training. It’s a total body and mind workout that helps improve your cardiovascular conditioning, tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and better integrate your body and mind.

A Great First (or Final) Martial Art

Whether you’ve never trained in a martial art, trained in the past, or are currently practicing a different style, Aikido is a great addition to your regimen. You’ll be an active participant from your first day on the mat, no matter your age, gender, or physical condition. Yet there are layers upon layers within these practical, effective, time-tested techniques that will challenge even the most serious practitioners.

All Are Welcome

At Aikido of Fairfield County, we are a family that welcomes men and women of all ages and experience levels. As a new practitioner, you’ll find your training partners to be friendly, helpful, and dedicated to personal growth via the art of Aikido. To experience the many benefits of Aikido for yourself, talk to any of us or visit aikidofc.com. Better yet, join us on the mat any time for a free session. We look forward to training and growing with you!

Classes are held in the dojo on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 

Tuesday & Saturday classes are held outdoors at Waveny Park (New Canaan, CT.). 

If you are interested in any of these, please email Ray ([email protected]) to be invited.

Updates regarding class re-opening will be posted here and on the Aikido of Fairfield County Facebook page.